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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Season 18 Preview

Reader Beware!! It seems as though the next "Treehouse of Horror" episode will be the scariest yet. It looks like they will be bringing the old intro back, warning viewers to put children to bed early, and for good reason. Fran Drescher will appear as Gollum, from LOTR. What's scarier than a washed up* "comedian" from Flushing, Queens portraying a 590 year old hobbit with an everlasting thirst for power and corruption? Nothing comes to mind, besides this. We do not know the details of it yet, but we do know that she is the perfect voice actress for the job. Disgusting... The episode is currently scheduled to air on November 5th, 2006, which will be the 3rd of the year, with the first scheduled for September 10th.

*It it necessary to succeed at some point in order to be considered washed up?


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