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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Barney Gumble to the rescue!

Homer: Barney, I've lost the baby. It's the worst thing I've ever done!
Barney: Don't worry, don't worry. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna make you an omelet.
Homer: Just help me look!
Barney: Are you sure? I make 'em with two kinds of cheese!
Homer: Come on!
Barney: Hey Homer, I think I've got her!
Homer: Barney, you're gonna pull her arm off!
Barney: The sooner I get her out, the sooner we can have omelets!

Homer goes on to file a lost child report and as they are connecting him, the song "Baby come back" plays on the phone, in which he starts crying to. He then goes to Patti and Selma's to ask Bart and Lisa if they had seen Maggie, which they reply negatively. Homer goes back home frantically searching the kitchen cupboards when he recieves a phone call from Marge...
"Listen, Marge...How would you feel if I told you the dog ran away."
"Homer, that's awful."
"Oh...well, I got good news for you, the dog didnt run away."
"Good. I'm coming home honey, you can pick me up at the train station in an hour, bring the kids." Homer hangs up

One of my favorite parts of this segment is when homer is practicing how to tell Marge that the baby got away. "Ya know Marge, maggie was very young, it's not like we got attatched to her." The doorbell rings and Chief Wiggum is there.
"Are you the man who reported the lost baby"
"Can you describe her"
"Well, she's small, uhh, she's a girl"
"BINGO!" Wiggum then goes on to drop all of the Criminal Neglect charges when homer starts kissing him all over his face. "Ahhh shucks, just don't do it again ya big lug"



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