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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Maggie, Where Are You?

Is she in this clothes hamper...Maybe she's in this vacuum cleaner bag. Possibly, she climbed up on the roof and fell down the chimney. Although the second one is absolutely hilarious due to the fact that Homer has to unzip the vacuum cleaner bag in order to look for his missing baby, the third one is my favorite by far. Did she somehow scale the roof and manage to fall down the chimney? And why did Homer have to get up there at all to search, couldn't he just look UP the chimney from inside? The funniest part of this scene is the fact that his search method was so specific. Once he realized that she was missing he immediately went to the bathroom, then to the vacuum, then the chimney. So where was maggie? Maybe Barny knows. Blech!

I've Been Simpson-ized!

One of these days I'm going to buy Photoshop. Two years later, I might attempt learning it. Until that day comes, I must settle for the amazing work done by one of my high school friends, Rob Getek, a local DJ. Rob was always the kid who would have a new masterpiece doodle at the end of every class. I am not sure as to how long he has been working with photoshop, but he has shown me some pretty spectacular stuff that he's done. The picture to the right was made by taking a 2 year old photo of me, and simply adding color layers. He Simpsonized me, in a matter of minutes! Now, I know that isn't that high up on the photoshop difficulty chart, but in my eyes it's amazing. I am currently in the process of trying to get a few of my friends to help me out with this page, him being one of them, so hopefully you will see some more of his work in the coming months.